About Our Packing

We currently place a bulk Coles Click & Collect order (purchased entirely by community donations and field partners’ support) a week prior to our packing day. On the day of packing, we hire a truck and collect upto 4 tonnes of food (350 x each of the items listed above). We collect this from Coles and unload at our warehouse in the morning (completely hand loaded and unloaded by our dedicated volunteers). 

We have recently obtained a long-term lease on a large warehouse, hopefully allowing us to receive large supermarket orders on pallets catering for 2-3 months’ worth of packing in one delivery. One of these orders will be ~$25000.00 and have enough food to cater for ~1000 boxes. We have secured a 6 months lease for a forklift allowing us to offload delivery trucks with ease thanks to our partners at Linde Material Handling (KION Group).

Previously (Pre Covid-19): We collect non-perishable food donations from the community. The food is sorted during our inventory session, where the expiry and ingredients (halal) are checked to meet our quality control standards. Our food donations came from the wider community; schools, community groups, day care centres and the general public. Large food donations are picked up from the location by volunteers. Throughout Covid-19 travel restrictions and purchase limits at supermarkets, our dedicated volunteers continued to support us through purchases and deliveries of food. However, we continue to encourage monetary donations until further notice, to remain Covid Safe.


Packing is held on the last Sunday of the month at our warehouse. The items and quantities in the food packs are as advised by a nutritionist, and supplements the diet of 1 adult for 1 month, or a family of 4 for 1 week.



  • Rice 2kg
  • Flour 1kg
  • Pasta 1kg

Fruit and Vegetables

  • Canned fruit 800g
  • Canned vegetables 800g


  • Long life milk 1L


  • Canned Tuna 400g
  • Canned Legumes 800g

Sweet Item

  • Biscuits 250g


  • Cooking oil 750m
  • Sugar 1kg
  • Pasta sauce 600g
  • Tea
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